Move Better, Look Better, Perform Better, Feel Better!

We improve pain and performance - whichever you need.

Our personal training involves the use of specialized Pilates equipment and advanced flexibiltiy techniques. We offer specific exercises to address each client's needs. We focus on core strength and posture. Many things wreak havoc on our bodies: injury, overtraining, repetitive daily activities. Working out with poor posture, shortened or deficient joint range of motion just reinforces bad movement patterns.

With consistent work, clients get stronger, leaner, and more graceful. Athletes perform at a higher level. Everyday activities become pleasurable and recreation becomes even more satisfying. Your body gets stronger. It will feel massaged and adjusted as you activate small stabilizing muscles to lengthen out your spine and strengthen your core. Neck and shoulder tension resolve because you start moving from your center.

Who Can Benefit?

* Those seeking a personal trainer.

* People recovering from injury or surgery.

* Athletes who need more power, better core strength or flexibility.

* Those seeking more physical and mental discipline and stamina.

* Those with joint pain, especially back pain.

* Those in or recently released from PT.

Pilates is total body conditioning. We develop your personal training regimen to help return symmetry to your muscles while increasing their strength. We teach you to move from a strong core instead of allowing weight and stress to default to your joints.

We can also use Pilates to further your rehabilitation after physical therapy ends. It works to strengthen and mobilize the parts of your body that have become weak after injury or surgery, keeping you in a safe range of motion while developing core stability and balance.

Pilates exercises were developed by exercise pioneer Joseph Pilates. He understood how to activate more muscle fibers and the small stabilizing muscles to improve flexibility and strength while concurrently lengthening the muscles. This method of training quickly improves balance, strength and control and often relieves pain.

We would love to work with you to achieve your health and fitness goals.