Client Testimonials

"Pamela has been working with my dance team at All About Dance for 9 years. She is EXCELLENT!!! She is very knowledgeable and exceptionally thorough with my team girls. My team girls are always excited for her to teach and they love that she mixes things up. Pamela does it all, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Ballet, Core conditioning; the list goes on and on. Pamela's enthusiasm, dedication and passion makes me want to be a better teacher. I am so grateful to have Pamela as a teacher and blessed to call her a friend. "

- Tiffany Heers, All About Dance

"I first met Pamela seven years ago, and hundreds of classes later, I still marvel at her extensive knowledge of Pilates, core strength, flexibility and alignment - all of which are second only to her enthusiasm and generous spirit. Questions concerning injuries, mobility and other health issues are received with thoughtful and careful consideration as she fine tunes and customizes workouts to meet her clients' individual needs. Propelled by an innate curiosity, she continually embraces opportunities and study that further her understanding of the human body, while extending that same passion and energy to her clients. Her endearing smile, joy and enthusiasm are as much a part of her teaching as the encouragement, support and genuine interest she shows each client. She is an exceptional teacher, and I feel most fortunate to be her student. "

-Faye Phillips, Bowling Green, Kentucky

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